We can provide counseling not only in Japanese but also in English.





Kuretake Mental Health Office
伊佐早照代(Teruyo Isahaya)

I have worked with children, adolescent, and adults from diverse backgrounds as a school counselor in New York. In counseling session, I provide a therapeutic environment in which you can express yourselves freely and process your feelings in order to deal with your personal matters. I look forward to working together to help you achieve the personal growth that you are looking for.




Kuretake Mental Health Office
小松万佐子(Masako Komatsu)

When you feel that you don’t have anyone to turn to, I would like to remind you that you are not alone. I’m here to support you to recover your inward peace in a safe space with awareness, knowing and finding inner self, clearing your thoughts through counselling sessions. I provide a relaxed atmosphere so that you can simply relax and express yourselves freely and feel free to say whatever is on your mind.
I really hope to help you recover your mental harmony and harmonious relations through my counselling sessions.


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