We can provide counseling not only in Japanese but also in English.

Face-to-face counseling is available in Osaka Prefecture,Okinawa Prefecture and New Zealand




Kuretake Mental Health Office
伊佐早照代(Teruyo Isahaya)

I have worked with children, adolescent, and adults from diverse backgrounds as a school counselor in New York. In counseling session, I provide a therapeutic environment in which you can express yourselves freely and process your feelings in order to deal with your personal matters. I look forward to working together to help you achieve the personal growth that you are looking for.


Kuretake Mental Health Office
村上 法子(Noriko Murakami)

Having worked with adult international students of different nationalities, I empathize with your feelings and understand the challenges and anxieties that foreigners face in Japan.  If you are going through difficult times and feeling the need for mental support, let me lend a hand.  Expressing your emotions in a comfortable and peaceful setting would help you regain your beautiful strength.  My wish is for counseling to provide you with an opportunity to regain your peace of mind and your sense of self.


Kuretake Mental Health Office
ロバーツ多英子(Taeko Roberts)

We are all on a journey of life.
I am here to support you to find your own way.
I believe we all have inner strength, and are able to increase their self awareness. I will
support you to clarify your issues and options, and I will navigate you to explore positive
ways. Counseling provides a supportive and safe environment. You can express your
feelings and thoughts freely in this space. I am here to listen to your voice sincerely.
Hope to work with you to move one step.