◆counseling services to US clients

Hideyuki has experiences of providing counseling services to Japanese and US clients.
In US, he recieved Ph.D. in counselor education from University of New Orleans and provided counseling services for people from diverse backgrounds.
Since he came back to Japan, he has joined in the team of counselors in the Kuretake Counseling Center.

He understands the healing power of the caring relationship.
Having the caring relationships with others enables people to become who they are and helps them to grow.
Accoardingly, he strives to create the caring relationship with his clients by listening to their stories with compassion and understanding their messages both spoken and unspoken.

Also, he acknowledges cultural/community-specific fact
ors which can affect the counseling process significantly.

Clients’ unique backgrounds such as age, gender, and ethinicity can affect their issues. For those from different countries, cross-cultural isseus can be the very center of their difficulties.

He provides counseling services in the araes including (but not limited to):depression, anxiety, relationship issue at work/school, social withdrawal, anger, marriage/couple/family issues, gay/lesbian issues, Cultural/International issues, etc. 




竹内 嘉浩くれたけ心理相談室代表/心理カウンセラー/経営コンサルタント